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12 White Mehndi/Henna Cones Indian Body Art

12 White Mehndi/Henna Cones Indian Body Art

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Type: Temporary Tattoo
Size: 15CM*2CM
Set: 12pcs white henna cones

Wash body parts were you want to apply with soap before use.
Do not use any cream or anything else  on the part of the body before applying.
Cut a small hole on the tip of cone.
Now press the cone swiftly, slowly and uniformly to draw fine delicate designs of your choice.
Apply designs onto Skin and let it dry for 20-30 minutes. Once it is dry, it will stay on the skin for a day or two . Please NOTE that the this is temporary. It does not stain the skin like regular Henna.
It can be removed easily by scrubbing off with Soap and Water.